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Become a stronger, faster and more powerful athlete who is ready to compete and win.

Become a stronger, faster and more powerful athlete who is ready to compete and win.

Movement is the foundation on which everything is built – an athlete can’t train for strength if their movement patterns are dysfunctional as you can never add load to a dysfunctional movement pattern. 

Good movement unlocks the true potential of an athlete and gives them the ability to express their true strength, power, speed and skill in their chosen sport. Our movement flows are an essential part of improving your athletic performance, no matter what your sport.

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Creating a powerful foundation for all sport and athletic performance

The best movers – athletes, dancers, martial artists, yogis and more – are not just those who are the strongest, fastest, or most flexible but the ones with the highest quality of movement, the best coordination, and the best organization of the body.

What sets them apart is not just their size, strength, or speed, but also their movement intelligence. These flows will develop your movement intelligence as well as your strength, balance, mobility and more.

Every athlete can benefit from this and improve their performance, regardless of their sport or discipline.


17 Movement Flows

With a total of 17 flows we bring you a varied and comprehensive selection of flows to help you explore and improve your movement. Each set of flows has multiple progressions to keep you progressing through your movement practice.

Warm up

A simple and effective movement sequence that activates muscles, increases blood flow, mobilises joints and prepares the body for the training session ahead. Suitable as a warm up for all types of activity or as part of a more specific warm up. Repeat as necessary or spend longer in certain areas as required. This sequence encourages fluidity, freedom and ease of movement, performed standing with a neutral spine and stable core.

Power Flows 1, 2 and 3

Powerful movement sequences that raise the heart rate and deliver a cardiovascular hit while also working strength, mobility, opening the hips, back, shoulders, legs and developing power through the whole body. These are flows with simple but challenging moves. The aim is to perform the flows with fluidity and control, they will improve stamina and develop power from the floor. Familiarise yourself with the moves then join them together for your flow.

Core Isolation 1, 2 and 3

Challenging flows designed to target 360 degrees of your core. All muscles are engaged and work together to develop a balanced and strong mid-section to power all other elements of your training. These are challenging flows that develop essential parts of the body for efficient movement and performance in sport, fitness and life. 

Slow Flow 1, 2 and 3

Three progressive flows that improve mobility and flexibility while ensuring your core works to maintain good posture and body alignment. These flows develop full body strength while also targeting specific areas such as building a strong and resilient back and good balance. 

Slow Strength and Length 1, 2 and 3

Expertly designed flows that use slow movements to build stability and balance while opening and stretching the entire body from head to toe. Alignment of the joints and body is also a focus with these flows as another essential element of good movement and athletic performance.

Strength Stretch Posture Balance 1, 2 and 3

Three flows that build progressively to stretch and lengthen the entire body while developing strength through the core to promote good posture, working balance and also mobility and function through the hips.

Rest and Release

A 10-minute flow carefully designed to rest and release the whole body, ideal as a warm down to relax the body and slow the heart rate at the end of a training session, or at other times to relieve mental and physical stress and release tight muscles. Perfect at the end of the day to help improve sleep quality.

As with all our programs these flows have been carefully designed to develop strength, power, mobility and more to enable all the essential human movement patterns – squatting, hinging, pressing, pulling, lunging, carrying.

With these flows you will move better, be stronger, generate more power and have more freedom in your physical outputs – all essential elements for an athlete who is ready to compete and win.

Meet your new coach

“The human body is truly amazing. We set out to achieve goal after goal”

– Suzy Crowe

Join the training program of our Movement specialist Suzy Crowe, an expert in strength, power, stability, mobility and more, and how it is all the result of great MOVEMENT.

Suzy is a movement specialist who has designed a unique series of movement flows based on her lifetime of movement training and coaching. With a love of sports from a young age Suzy was trained in classical ballet from the age of 2 until her late 20’s, she also played and coached tennis and began personal training.

Her personal movement journey also includes Yoga and kickboxing, disciplines that highlight the mind/body connection that is so important in sport, fitness, and life. Her self-practice to this day still encourages her strong belief that through physical training and movement practice you can enhance performance and aesthetics as well as develop the mind.

  • Trained classical ballet from age 2 until late 20’s.
  • Played and coached tennis 
  • 20+ years of coaching experience
  • A true specialist on a lifelong journey of movement mastery




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“A disc bulge in my lower back had stopped me in my tracks… Suzy’s program improved my mobility, my core, my movement patterns and my full body strength. It was a turning point for my chronic back pain and I will forever be grateful.”
“As well as weight loss, training with Suzy has improved my fitness, posture, sleep and even my confidence. More than looking better, I actually feel better when I train with her regularly.”  

“We’d love you to experience the results from the full program.

If you are involved with sports, fitness or other movement training and are looking for something new and exciting – I’m confident these flows will deliver. 

If you are part of the community and a member of the full program we do everything we can
to ensure maximum value.”