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Join the training program of top 10 UFC Fighter Aleksandar Rakic.
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Become a well balanced athlete who is ready to compete and WIN.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the ultimate athletic base. These training programs have been designed by Richard Staudner, head performance coach to future UFC Light Heavy Weight champion Aleksandar Rakic.

The programs use the exact same principles, exercise selection and programming as Aleksandar Rakic uses to be fight ready.

Upper body, lower body and full body training with a focus on moving well, becoming stronger, more conditioned and improving all the essential human movement patterns – squatting, hinging, pressing, pulling, lunging, carrying.

This creates a well-balanced athlete who is ready to compete and win but is sadly missing from the vast majority of training programs.

These are core attributes that transfer to EVERY sport, not just Mixed Martial Arts. When it’s time to perform you’ll be ready.

Features include

Exclusive Workouts

Full 18-week program designed specifically for MMA, used by top ranking professional UFC Fighters

Video Content

Exclusive video content with Aleksandar Rakic and coach Richard Staudner
112 exercise demonstration videos!

Results Driven

Everything is results driven. You will get faster, stronger, more powerful.

Train at home with no equipment or in the gym with the standard
equipment you would find in every training facility.

FULL training program includes:

Strength and Conditioning for MMA:

3 phases, 18 weeks, 54 workouts. Train with UFC athlete Aleksandar Rakic and his performance coach Richard Staudner. The best workouts for men and women who want to build muscle, burn fat and improve fitness.

Bodyweight only – No equipment required:

Multiple workouts for Strength, Power, Cardio and Core. Home workouts for men and women who want to train with bodyweight only.

Fighter Pull Up Program

Improve your pull ups with the best strength training program for men and women who want to build muscle and upper body strength. Follow the program and double your pull up numbers fast.


Intense conditioning workouts for men and women who want cardiovascular interval training. HIIT workouts in the advanced Tabata protocol of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Includes the following: – Bodyweight – Sprints – Rowing Machine – Bike

Example videos

112 Exercise Demonstrations

Detailed exercise tutorial videos explained by Richard Staudner with UFC Athlete Aleksander Rakic. 

In this example, you can see a demonstration of the barbell front squat. These videos are organised A-Z in your dashboard, as a supplement to the 63 page, 18 week, 3 phase training program.

You get immediate access to all the training videos in your account dashboard as soon as you sign up to the program.

Meet your new coach
richard staudner

“If you don’t have a plan before you walk in the gym, you lose.”

– Richard Staudner

Coach to world class combat athletes including current and future World Champions.

  • Delivered more than 100 lectures
  • 11,000+ coaching sessions
  • Managed more than 50 athletes
  • Multiple UFC athletes

I have delivered more than 100 lectures and 11,000 coaching sessions and have managed more than 50 athletes – my coaching is based on a blend of science and experience; I do not waste your time or mine.

The exercise selection I use with you in this program is the same I use with Aleksandar; it creates the ultimate athletic base. It covers all the essential human movement patterns of pressing, pulling, squatting, hinging, carrying, lunging – they help a combat sports athlete be prepared for any situation. They also cross over into almost every sporting discipline by creating a strong, conditioned and well-balanced athlete who is ready to compete and win.

‘Fighting is my passion’

We do our strength work first and our conditioning work at the end of the session. Strength work is more technical and is best performed when you are warm but not tired. Each phase is designed to build on the last, the intensity increases week by week and phase by phase – if you follow this program you will set new personal bests and by the end you will reach new levels of performance.

Personal Bests

Train with Aleksandar, take your performance to a whole new level over 3 distinct training phases – set new personal bests in your strength & conditioning.

“The most athletic fighter in the division”

One of the most athletic fighters in the division, Aleksandar Rakic is considered by many to be a future champion at Light Heavyweight.

Train with Aleks and his coach Richard, the man responsible for his physical transformation.

His strength and conditioning is second to none and we’re proud to bring you his training program.




Week 1 – The first 3 workouts
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Full program – 18 weeks
3 Training specific phases
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Full video training library with 112 exercise demonstration videos with Richard Staudner and Aleksander Rakic



Full program – 18 weeks
Private Facebook Group
Full video training library
MMA bodyweight core program
MMA bodyweight strength program
MMA bodyweight power program
Fighter pull-up program
MMA tabata HIIT program
MMA bodyweight cardio program

“I just want to say massive thank you, just got a message from my coach saying how much I have improved.”
“Phase 1 went really well, the videos showed everything  perfectly. Very enjoyable and I have noticed differences in training and felt stronger and more explosive. Looking forward  to Phase 2.”
“It’s been great so far, I also noticed it made a difference in my movement for Jiu Jitsu this week! I love the program.”
Week 6 done! I’ve literally been having people ask me about the work outs
and wanting to  do them too!”

“We’d love you to experience the results from the full program.

If you are involved with combat sports, fitness or are looking for something new and exciting – I’m confident this program delivers incredible value. 

If you are part of the community and a member of the full program we will do everything we can to make sure you get maximum value.”