Simple Tasks Done With Excellence – Mindset And Performance In Sport

By now we all know the importance of the mind/body connection in sport, fitness, and performance. Huge achievements are made in sport and in life when your mind is set and you’re determined to break through your barriers to success and achieve your goals.

Turn Up, Don’t Complain, Never Quit

Turn Up, Don’t Complain and Never Quit is a saying I came across and is a philosophy that is simple but not easy to do with excellence. However it’s not impossible either, and to do these three simple things is well within everyone’s capability. Furthermore, it’s often the one thing that separates you from your goals.

If you can consistently turn up without complaining and never quit then you will have won an enormous mental battle and the results will speak for themselves. If you can do this consistently over time you will create powerful new habits in the process that will serve you well in all aspects of sport, fitness and life.

Simple Tasks Done With Excellence

Our Rugby coach Matthew Lamin is the Academy Strength And Conditioning Coach for premiership Rugby club London Irish. In a recent podcast episode he discusses the concept of ‘Simple Tasks Done With Excellence’ that they use at the club and that has dramatic impacts on performance. Essentially Matthew and his team create a culture of excellence within their players and its something we can all adopt for our own training and performance gains.

In simple terms the club expect their players to be punctual, to be diligent, to work hard, to be respectful and to take pride in creating excellence in their everyday activities. From a strength and conditioning point of view Matthew says his athletes will perform very similar movements for most of their careers. “You will always hinge, you will always do some form of squat, you will always do something on a single leg, so you become very used to these things. So having a real emphasis on ‘although this has become a simple task for me now and I understand this, I want to complete every rep with excellence’ is really, really important. That’s how you develop and get stronger and get faster. There’s a direct correlation to strength and conditioning, but in a wider sense its everything that you do.“

As with all our programs it’s been created by a true professional with exceptional experience and we’re sure you will enjoy.

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Graham Barber, Founder @ ATHLETE.CO