Movement Intelligence & The Importance for Fitness & Sports Performance

It’s not just movement specialists who talk about the benefits of movement intelligence. When speaking to our strength and conditioning coaches who operate at the highest level of sport it’s not long before movement, movement patterns and movement intelligence have entered the conversation, and how these form an essential part of their training programs and the physical development of any athlete at any level.

The Benefits of Good Movement

Good movement intelligence will help an athlete at any level express their true potential in strength, speed, power and skill while also helping to prevent injury, reduce stress on the body and ultimately leave more time available for strength and skill development rather than rehab. It is one of the core principles of strength training that you don’t add load to a dysfunctional movement pattern, so good movement is the foundation of any athlete at any level, be that a professional athlete who trains and competes full time, an aspiring athlete on his/her way to being a professional, or an everyday athlete for whom sport and fitness are an important part of life but not how they make a living.

Graham Barber, Founder @ ATHLETE.CO