If you don’t have a plan before you walk into the gym, you lose.

Firstly, it confirms the importance of a plan – have a goal, have a plan to get you to that goal, then show up and do the work. Obviously, you need a good plan from a trusted, experienced professional and this approach applies perfectly to sport, fitness, and ultimately developing improvements in performance but also into life, business and more.

Secondly, it confirms the importance of preparation – have your plan BEFORE you walk into the gym so you know what you’re doing and why when you get there. This obviously improves the chances of a meaningful training session which therefore dramatically improves the result of that training session. Compound that over time and results will naturally follow. Proper planning prevents poor performance is a great analogy here. I also like ‘plan the work, work the plan.’  

Thirdly, it confirms the consequence of not taking action – a loss. We all want to win, and in sport and fitness this is especially true, but a win in this scenario is being prepared, having a plan, and putting in the work. If you do this to the best of your ability you have won, it’s a mental win as well as a physical one.

Graham Barber, Founder @ ATHLETE.CO