ATHLETE.CO was tasked with generating new commercial & marketing opportunities for several top combat sport athletes by making their training programs available to existing and new fans globally. 

We were asked to deliver the content digitally via app and subscription model.

How we activated

1. Create

Worked closely with the performance coaches to understand the exercise selection, programming, and theory behind the structure of the training programs and ultimately the reason they deliver results at the highest level. Detail and expertise.

2. Produce

Filmed with athlete and coach: creative direction, shoot, award winning post-product. Content edited into full training program plus additional programs, marketing content and a large selection of digital assets.

3. Release

Built and released iOS and Android app for content delivery and monetisation (subscription). Facebook/IG specialist marketing campaigns driving traffic straight to app download. Athlete channels and wider network for organic and paid promotion.

App Screenshots - iOS and Android

The success of the project led to partnership with the English Mixed Martial Arts Association (EMMAA), more athletes signing up to join the platform and an average user rating of 4.7 / 5.

User reviews:

“My favourite part about the Athlete MMA program is that it focuses on strength and conditioning using body weight and simple equipment, meaning it’s flexible to suit your fitness and strength levels – great for ladies that want to get fit like a fighter or train in martial arts! Since starting the program I’ve lost body fat, gained lean muscle mass and really toned up; everything I wanted! 

Having a program prepared by a top performance coach for an incredible professional fighter is an experience I never thought I’d have. On top of the program itself, the online community has been fantastic for accountability and support from other members. I would highly recommend it to everyone, and can’t wait to get started with the next one!”

Jade E

“Went through Phase 1 and lost 13 lbs, awesome program! My jiu jitsu feels smoother and my kickboxing is faster. I’ve literally been having people ask me about the work outs and wanting to them too! I’m really enjoying the app, it works like a treat and I love in the instruction videos and coaching from Coach Staudner, this is VERY helpful in understanding what each exercise should look like and where the activation for the muscle should come from. 

In terms of the work outs, I just completed day 3 of phase 2! It is definitely a step up in challenge but I became the first ever East Texas Open champion from the UK in both the Gi and No Gi!! Performance was on point thanks to the program!”

— Jason O

I just want to say massive thank you, I just got a message from my coach saying about how much I have improved in the pool. I have gone from a 37 second 50 meter free-style to 34 seconds. I believe it is from this starting this course. Looking forward to future personal bests.

— William H

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