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The Ultimate MMA Strength & Fitness program, used by top 10 UFC Fighter Aleksander Rakic, developed by World Class coach Richard Staudner.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the ultimate athletic base. This training programs has been designed by Richard Staudner, head performance coach to future UFC Light Heavy Weight champion Aleksandar Rakic. The program uses the exact same principles, exercise selection and programming as Aleksandar Rakic uses to be fight ready.



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The Movement Flows for Athletic Performance; develop strength, core power, balance and stability, developed by Movement Specialist Suzy Crowe.

Movement is the foundation on which everything is built – an athlete can’t train for strength if their movement patterns are dysfunctional as you can never add load to a dysfunctional movement pattern.
Good movement unlocks the true potential of an athlete and gives them the ability to express their true strength, power, speed and skill in their chosen sport. Our movement flows are an essential part of improving your athletic performance, no matter what your sport.

Movement Flow: Everything You Need To Know

Discover how Movement Flow will enhance your athletic performance. Suitable for all athletes this bodyweight training method can help you unlock your true potential. Read on to learn more about what Movement Flow is, how it works, and how it can benefit you.

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